1. Andi Otto
    Hamburg, Germany
  2. Barda
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  3. Barrio Lindo
  4. Biomigrant
    Bogotá, Colombia
  5. El Búho
    Paris, France
  6. History of Colour
    Windward Islands, French Polynesia
  7. JAJA
    Leipzig, Germany
  8. KR∆UT
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  9. kurup
    Brasília, Brazil
  10. OONGA
    Montréal, Québec
  11. STAS
  12. DJ Raff
    London, UK
  13. Anka Foh
    Paris, France


Shika Shika Berlin, Germany

Shika Shika is a record label without owners for music without borders.

We want to bring together producers from around the world exploring the line between organic and electronic music. The platform aims to foster global collaboration between artists, designers, videographers, product designers and creative minds across continents. ... more

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